Trusted professionals in reinforced concrete monolithic structures

About us

Stavby Slovakia s.r.o. is a modern construction company that is able to offer the construction of buildings and structures of any kind. It can comply with all client’s needs and requirements by quality of technologies, professional capabilities of its staff and good understanding and knowledge of construction market requirements. The company is mainly focused on the performance of reinforced concrete monolithic structures, rough constructions of block of flats and houses, as well as providing of all construction professions.

Project activities

Construction consultancy services
Design of bridges and supporting structures
Design of engineering structures
Diagnostics and static assessment of failures of load-bearing structures
Design of rehabilitation of buildings
Static calculations of load-bearing structures for all types of buildings

Construction activities

Reinforced concrete structures
Rough constructions of block of flats
Rough constructions of houses
Masonry work
Drywall installation
Interlocking paving installation

Bridge expansion joints

Project and design of expansion joints
Sale of bridge expansion joints
Installation of bridge expansion joints
Repairs of expansion joints